We are always looking for volunteers – whatever your age and skill – you can help. We have a range of things that need to be done to keep the Buffer Stop Shop, Buffet Carriage, Goods Shed, Heritage Railway, Station Bar, Transport Museum and associated infrastructure operational. Come and talk to us about how you can help Rushden Historical Transport Society improve local facilities and amenities. The work is rewarding and the social life is excellent.


Here are some of the volunteer roles and skills we seek.

  • Accountant
  • Bar Server (Goods Shed) – staffing occasional shifts
  • Bar Server (Station Bar) – staffing occasional shifts
  • Buffer Stop Shop Volunteer- staffing the Buffer Stop Shop
  • Book Keeper
  • Buffet Carriage Volunteer – staffing the Buffet Carriage
  • Buildings Maintenance (maintenance, repair and restoration of historic buildings)
  • Carpenter
  • Cellarman
  • Deliverers – local delivery of Olde Wheels magazine
  • Driver (LGV)
  • Driver (HGV)
  • Driver (PCV)
  • Electrician
  • Engineer (Civil)
  • Engineer (Electrical)
  • Engineer (Information Technology)
  • First Aider (Qualified)
  • Food Safety (Level 2 Qualified)
  • Gas Fitter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Healt and Safety (Qualified)
  • Licence Holder (LGV)
  • Licence Holder (HGV)
  • Licence Holder (PCV)
  • Office Administrator
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Plumber
  • Painter and Decorator
  • Railway Track (maintenance, repair and restoration at Permanent Way)
  • Railway Operations (driver, guard, motorman, fireman, crossing keeper, ticket collector, traffic manager)
  • Railway Traction and Rolling stock (maintenance, repair and restoration of railway infrastructure)
  • Road Transport – maintenance, repair and restoration of historic road vehicles
  • Site Maintenance (maintenance, repair and restoration of historic sites)
  • Transport Museum – staffing the Transport Museum
  • Train Driver
  • Weekend Eventers- steward, retailer, ticketer, setter-up, breaker-down

To enquire or for more information about becoming a Volunteer please Contact Us, email secretary@rhts.co.uk or see details below.


Society telephone: +44 (0)300 302 3150
Society email: secretary@rhts.co.uk

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