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 05 September 2012 23:12

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United Counties Lodekka 651 EBD returns home.

651EBD, a 1964 Bristol FS Lodekka finally returns home to the Rushden Transport Museum of Rushden Historical Transport Society (registered charity 285535) after three years, but still may not be on the road for a considerable time as a lot of the restoration work was unable to be completed and several parts now have to be sourced again due to being mislaid over the period of time.


When the 651 left Rushden in May of  2009, she was in a mess.  Now on her return in 2012 she looks completely different.  Bodywise, all she needs now is the refitting of basically trim, bonnet and front cowling, but there are two major pieces here that will need fabrication. Mechanically, the engine is in situ, but needs marrying to the gearbox. The other items are a complete re-wiring of the vehicle, and brakes from the fluid reservoirs to the wheels. 


The Society was very disheartened when she had to return on suspended tow as we were looking forward to her being driven back with a full load of enthusiasts, but hopefully she should be on the road for her 50th Birthday in 18 months, or even better to celebrate “Wellingborough 100” next year.


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Missing parts include:-
  • Bonnet/Front Grille panel steel support.
  • Header Tank for water coolant.
  • Cab/Bonnet side panel that bonnet is hinged to.
  • Front grille lower surround incorporating “LODEKKA”.
  • Brake fluid reservoir caps.
  • Rear Bumper ally moulding.
  • Ally moulding on floor that rear door slots into to secure it when shut.
  • Door hand rails.
  • Staircase hand rails.
  • 2 upper saloon vertical poles.
  • Both rearlights.
  • Both side indicators.
  • One front sidelight.
  • Fog light.
  • 3 interior lights.
  • One interior ceiling access panel.
  • Also required is the main cab control box, this is one thing that actually went missing at our end.

If anyone can help with any of the above please email me on 


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